How to Use Explainer Video for Marketing

Explainer Video for Marketing

Gone are the days when marketing your products and services would entail endless SEO campaign and other cumbersome strategies. These days people have found that explainer videos are way more useful in marketing. This way there has been a rampant increase of online entrepreneurs who have employed this technique and are doing better. These videos are said to engage the visitors much quicker than texts.

It is thought that most visitors would rather watch them than reading through the pages to find exactly what your business does. Some will even watch the videos in their entirety and request for more related information. Research by the REEL SEO Video Marketing Survey revealed that up to 93% of marketers utilize video content as their overall marketing strategy. So as a marketer, here is what you need to do with your explainer videos to make sure that you are getting the most out of them

1.    Use them on your landing page

The best place to place the explainer video is on the landing page. Since most consumers only read about 28% of the text on a website, putting it on the landing will ensure that they see the video first thus watch it out. Also, people would instead devote their 2.7 minutes to watch a video instead of reading texts on a website. A short video can carry what can be written on a full website page and therefore having the video here will see that a higher percentage watches it rather than reading.

2.    Have videos for all aspects of your client’s journey

It is wise to have videos that target customers at their different stages of their buyer’s journey. Ensure that the customer has different content in their different buying phases. However, you should ensure that explainer videos found on the first pages need to be altered a little bit so that it can help your customer to reach their ultimate decision, which is to convert.

3.    Use them in your email marketing campaigns

It is thought according to Adestra, that emails which have ‘Video’ as their subject have a higher chance of being opened as compared to the generic ones. You can achieve this by directly linking the video to the email, or better still include images that resembling videos, but they are externally linked. One can as well use animated GIFs as they are increasingly garnering popularity on email. This, as a marketer you are sure to encourage click-thoughts.


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