The issue with augmented reality

Augmented reality, or AR, is speedily gaining its popularity as well as rapidly advancing in any field. Among its advantages, it also does have issues and disadvantages.

Lack of privacy concern

AR is rapidly advancing and is being used in almost any industry nowadays. However, there is a lack of knowledge given to how it can protect the security and privacy of its users. Take for example is the viral Pokemon Go mobile game app. Its users can know the location of other users and can even barge in any places where a Pokemon is located.

Imagine someone crossing the street, looking under the bushes, or just staring at you because they need to catch a Pokemon is kind of distracting and a bit creepy. Another thing is that there are AR apps that can have access to the feed of your surroundings and can even record you using their devices just because the app can allow them to do it. The technology presents exciting opportunities but is also a pressing issue like privacy and security which is more important than being entertained.

It can be too immersive

Since AR technology is getting hyped, AR apps designers are also getting to the point that the more immersive the AR app is the better. This is because its users are hungry for digital enhancement of the real world and love to immerse to a fantasy world. We can already notice this kind of behavior nowadays especially in the gaming industry.

There are game players who constantly sit on for hours till the end of the day playing AR games to the point that they are already gaining health issues for not doing physical chores such as a simple exercise. With the upcoming potentials of AR apps, it is not impossible for the technology to be not immersive and addictive.


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