Factors to Consider Before Launching an Explainer Video

For an explainer video to be successful and go viral on the internet and reach a mass audience and effectively convert viewers into consumers, adequate planning and execution strategies must be well thought out. This should not just be in the pre-production and production phases but also in the post-production phase which is equally important as it is the phase where the content is now pushed to the target audience.

a. Plan the Launch

Adequately plan for the launch of the explainer video regarding the release dates, and how you would promote the content. During planning, the risks are assessed, and measures to curb any risk that may arise after the video has been rolled out are put into place. Planning allows the team to go through the video or videos being launched to ensure that issues that may arise such as copyright for music used in case an original score were not used and prepare relevant documents that may be needed.

b. Select A Host

 A video host has to be selected before launching the video to ensure that the relevant platform is chosen. From the host, the explainer video can be shared to other platforms such as social media. Hosts include but not limited to Vimeo, Wista and PRO that can host and accommodate any video type and makes targeting of the audience the video were intended far much easier. Sharing the video host URL is a faster way of sharing the video and making sure it reaches a large number of people.

c. Marketing Plan

Have a outlined marketing plan for both the product or service and the brand as a whole. Work for the benefit of ensuring that the content is distributed in a way that converts into actual sales of the service or product. Video marketing is an amazing way for brands to reach out to consumers who have used products or services before to inform them of a new product and also for converting viewers into new loyal customers. Before launching the video, a revisit to the marketing plan is essential to ascertain the launch of the video falls within marketing strategies already set in motion. A marketing plan ensures that the launch of the video stays within the marketing budget as well.

d. Integration of the Video into the Website

The explainer video created should fit within the demands of the brand and content smoothly. A test on the videos should first be done before launching the video officially. If the video cannot be integrated into the website seamlessly then, considerations should be taken, and measures to ensure that the video created is relevant to the brand and serves to enhance the brand. Launching a video means that the video goes into the brand’s official channels and recalling of a video if it does not fit the brand lose credibility it is important therefore to check the compatibility of the brand, website, and content with that of the video created.

e. Scheduling

 A schedule should be created to ensure that all posts related to the video launch are put in place and that the launch of the video and the other post across the various platforms are simultaneously released.

Taking the above factors with the level of seriousness that they require ensuring that the launch of an explainer video for the brand if effective and achieves both the short and long-term objectives of the video.

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