Best Place to Effectively Use Explainer Videos

Best Place to Effectively Use Explainer VideosOne of the world’s best marketing promotional assets has to be the explainer videos. They not only explain the services or product that your website is involved in, but also one can use it to create a recognizable identity while doing business online. They can help better represent and reinforce your brand online. They work just like a website does, or a logo.

Most marketers have found these explainer videos the best marketing tools as according to research by Andrew Angus who is the CEO of Switch Video, most website visitors only read 28 percent of the content, while most people are willing to devote up to 2 minutes to watch a video on the website. This explains why your explainer video should be as short and precise as possible. Nonetheless, it is seen to be effective than SEO and social media marketing.

That said, explainer videos are much versatile than other forms of marketing. Nonetheless throwing them all over on your site is not a wise idea. As a marketer, you need to know where to place them to enjoy their utmost effectiveness.

1.    Put it on the Home Page

Initially, these videos were meant for the home page. You need to ensure that you place it above the fold to ensure that they grab the attention of your visitors since most visitors never scroll down on websites. Ensure that the video can be easily seen and be played, by enlarging the play button for easier visibility. Without doing this, they may think it is just another photo on the homepage.

2.    Use them on social media

One great feature about videos is that they are the most shareable marketing content. They are highly compatible with most social media platforms. When shared here, they generate more engagement and also interaction than text content. As a marketer, the explainer video can be posted on your status update. Others use it to run their ad campaigns so that they get more leads and exposure.

3.    Use it on your blog

When you post something then follow it with a video, you are sure that the post will be highly engaging as compared to those without such media. It will enable you to efficiently deliver your message to your audience in a way that can be better digested. Explainer videos help in enhancing one’s SEO efforts and in turn having the webpage rank higher on search engines.


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