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All About Virtual Reality

To take advantage of virtual reality, you need special goggles or a headset that is capable of displaying movies and other content through the headset. Whenever you want to watch these videos or browse through content sites, you need a headset for this purpose. VR technology allows you as the viewer to feel like you’re a part of the scene taking place on the screen. For example, you would feel like you were the one having sex with the model on the screen even though you are not. Virtual reality settings can be in the real world or they can take place someplace that doesn’t exist such as a distant planet or some other exotic location. VR allows you as the viewer to be taken to these locations where you feel like you’re actually there in person and experiencing everything going on around you.

All About Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is different from virtual reality. It takes information and superimposes this over the world we see. For example, if you’re in France and want to eat, you might use a computer and see information about restaurants, buses, places where you can go for entertainment and so on displayed on that screen. The heads-up displays a fight pilot uses is one example of augmented reality. AR porn is quite new and Badoink VR Porn recently released a demo of this type of porn. In the future, both AR and VR porn will probably grow in popularity as the technology advances.



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In terms of porn, both virtual reality and augmented reality open up a whole host of new possibilities and sexual experiences or the viewer. This sort of porn is only going to grow in the future as the technology gets more sophisticated. You will find free VR porno movies and paid content as well. Sites are simply taking advantage of the technology to offer their customers new experiences.

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